Colour Bamboo Ankle Socks

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Size (AU): 6 – 13
Available in a 5 or 10 pack

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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


Our colour bamboo ankle socks are so soft and comfortable that you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t own a pair sooner! These socks are made from resilient bamboo fibers that are perfect for people with sensitive skin or for anyone who is looking for that extra bit of comfort. Bamboo socks also allow your feet to breathe, are moisture and odour resistant, and are made from sustainable materials that don’t have a negative impact on our environment.

Whether you need socks for work or play, these anti-bacterial colour bamboo socks will keep your feet luxurious and fresh all day long. They’re not too thin and they’re not too thick – just the perfect fit for all feet and for all seasons with their temperature-regulating benefits. Once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back. We guarantee it!

The Details

  • 100% bamboo fiber
  • Black, White, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Light Coffee, Cream, Blue, Rust Red, Turmeric
  • Size (AU): 6 – 13

Care Instructions

  • Cold or warm machine wash
  • Line dry inside out
  • Warm tumble dry
  • Do not iron or bleach

Additional information


10 Pack – Mixed Colour, 2 Black + 2 Light Grey + 1 Dark Grey, 5 Pack – Black, 5 Pack – White, 5 Pack – Dark Grey, 5 Pack – Light Grey, 5 Pack – Light Coffee, 5 Pack – Cream, 5 Pack – Blue, 5 Pack – Rust Red, 5 Pack – Turmeric, 10 Pack – Black, 10 Pack – White, 10 Pack – Dark Brown, 10 Pack – Dark Grey, 10 Pack – Light Grey, 10 Pack – Light Coffee, 10 Pack – Cream, 10 Pack – Blue, 10 Pack – Rust Red, 10 Pack – Turmeric

25 reviews for Colour Bamboo Ankle Socks

  1. M**t

    Great socks. They are a good fit and do not slide down into my shoes. I also love their colors!

  2. N****y

    Colour bamboo ankle socks I’ve purchased are all wonderful – I love the material; feels great, stays in top condition despite frequent use and washes.

  3. B*****y

    These sock are amazing. They are so soft and cushioning. They are not so thick nor so thin and they are soft as well as very breathable. The also don’t smell as much when you take them off after a sweaty sesh.

  4. V******a

    I am absolutely in love with these colour bamboo ankle socks.
    I run a lot and these socks have been my saving grace.
    I have tried many different types of socks before and bamboo ankle seems to be the only way for me-LOVE THEM!

  5. C*****e

    I bought these for my 7 year old who is battling with recurrent fungal infections on his feet, which sweat all day at school. He loves them (yay – no fight required) as they are so “snugly and comfortable” and I think we are starting to make headway on the feet. I’m back in here buying the 10 pack mixed colour. Thanks for making shopping so much easier for us. 🙂

  6. Z***y

    Love these. I’ve worn my last set four days a week every week. Still feel like I’m floating on air. They wash well, still feel soft.

  7. L****e

    These are my mow the lawn, go to the gym and sweat, wear with boot socks! They are ALL I wear anymore. Super soft, and they NEVER STINK!!!! Never never never! I love them!!!

  8. K****y

    Quite easily said, the best socks I’ve ever owned. They’re so cozy. It’s true that once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back., and it will brighten your day when it’s time to put socks on and they’re in your rotation!

  9. J****s

    I always have issues with my feet getting damp inside my shoes after working for long periods of time. Thanks to a friend who referred this product, I am now free from the icky feet feeling due to moist and my feet does not smell horrible anymore!

  10. H*****r

    These socks are lovely, comfortable and great value as well.

  11. G***y

    My great grandson saye they are the best socks he has ever had.

  12. F****i

    Perfect! just what I was after; short, soft, don’t creep down and get lost in my shoe.

  13. D****r

    I have a very sensitive skin and these are the best socks I have worn so far. I don’t feel itchy at all and it’s so comfy. I will never try any other socks anymore!

  14. S***y

    Very soft and like walking on feathers. Would be a good bed sock for those with cold feet.

  15. A*****a

    They are just so comfortable to wear and they do not slide down like the short ones. Best socks of any kind I have worn for years.

  16. Stella H.

    My feet don’t itch at all! I have been wearing the wrong socks all this time! If only I knew there are socks this good and comfortable from the very beginning! Thanks Bamboo Collection for opening my eyes!

  17. Piper

    when they say superior comfort, they mean superior comfort! i love them!

  18. Zahra Horner

    I had a problem understanding some information but thanks to the customer service who patiently answered every question I was able to buy what I wanted to buy. Thank you very much Bamboo Collection for treating your customer with utmost respect.

  19. Connor B.

    Got the item with the exact delivery date. Wasn’t late and with proper handling. Great quality too!

  20. Brett

    I couldn’t help but buy something else from their collection. This would be my second review and once again I am happy with their product. Still has that formal feel to it even though they are just ankle socks.

  21. Paige

    I bought a pack of 10s for my husband and for me and we both love them! They are so comfortable. We even wear them at home when we just want to laze around.

  22. Jade Jackson

    They are my running socks! I love wearing them when I am going on a jog. Not only do they keep my feet cool but at the same time, after every jog my feet won’t smell at all. LOVE IT! 🙂

  23. James B.

    They are well fitted and not annoying to wear. I don’t need to fix them again and again, not like the other ones I have that keep on sliding down.

  24. Daisy Burke

    I love how simple they look yet have the quality of a top-notch product.

  25. Blake

    Been looking for comfortable ankle socks for a while now and I finally found them.

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