5 Pack – Bamboo Fiber Socks

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Size (AU): 6 – 12

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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


Our bamboo fiber socks are so soft and comfortable that you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t own a pair sooner! These socks are made from resilient bamboo fibers that are perfect for people with sensitive skin or for anyone who is looking for that extra bit of comfort. Bamboo socks also allow your feet to breathe, are moisture and odour resistant, and are made from sustainable materials that don’t have a negative impact on our environment.

Whether you need socks for work or play, these anti-bacterial bamboo socks will keep your feet luxurious and fresh all day long. They’re not too thin and they’re not too thick – just the perfect fit for all feet and for all seasons with their temperature-regulating benefits. Once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back. We guarantee it!

The Details

  • 90% bamboo fiber, 10% spandex
  • Black, Navy, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White
  • Size (AU): 6 – 12

Care Instructions

  • Cold or warm machine wash
  • Line dry inside out
  • Warm tumble dry
  • Do not iron or bleach

Additional information


1 of Each, 5x Black, 5x Navy, 5x Dark Grey, 5x Light Grey, 5x White

35 reviews for 5 Pack – Bamboo Fiber Socks

  1. V*****t

    Very comfortable and warm socks, durable, and breathes better than a cotton sock so less stinky socks.

  2. G*****e

    We love our bamboo fiber socks. Comfortable and wear well.

  3. L***s

    Aside from the good quality and proven benefits of this bamboo socks, I also like the sleek design and colors. It’s simple, clean and very professional looking.

  4. F***z

    I love the bamboo fiber socks as they are soft but the best thing is no smelly feet.

  5. R****t

    Very comfortable socks which go on and off easily and stay up whilst you are wearing them. I will buy bamboo fiber socks again in the future – will order the other colors.

  6. K***n

    I love my white and black ones, so soft & comfy.
    Others I bought are to go in with gifts for friends.

  7. L***e

    I discovered this product through a friend – I tried and bought this bamboo fiber socks. After few days of using, I surely agree that bamboo collections’ quality are top notch. You can never go wrong buying good quality socks.

  8. J***s

    Have bought these before and worn them constantly – they are super comfortable and soft.

  9. L***a

    I bought these for my son who works on his feet all day and sweats a lot. They’re extremely comfortable and will help absorb the sweat and reduce the smell.

  10. L***i

    As a nurse who is on my feet all day at work, the socks are extremely comfortable, cool and light. Once you wear these bamboo socks you will never go back to wearing any other socks!

  11. O***h

    Bought these for my partner several months ago and they’re still holding up well! Keeps their shape and no holes like his other pairs.

  12. P***l

    These feel great, not so thin or thick and durable but are also super comfortable and your feet never sweat!

  13. E****n

    I love the bamboo collection range so snapped these up in my recent order. My feet aren’t sweaty or smelly and they retain their shape and colour.

  14. B***o

    No complaints! All the claims about the bamboo fiber socks are real. Very soft and wash well in a wash bag.

  15. R*****t

    I am on my feet for up to 10 hours a day – I love the feel and texture of the bamboo fiber socks and the fact my feet don’t sweat and smell as much as the other brands I wear.

  16. A**x

    I have been extremely happy with the service and the quality of the products purchased. They are of very high quality and would recommend bamboo fiber socks to anyone.

  17. M*****a

    Got these for my husband as a birthday gift and he loves them. After feeling them myself, I am ordering some for me!

  18. N****n

    The quality of bamboo fiber socks is outstanding! There is no sagging or elasticity loss – I love them! I wear them to work all the time and will probably never buy any other brand of socks!

  19. B***y

    My husband had really bad smelly feet. Wearing these sock he has no smelly feet.

  20. V****e

    Bought these for my partner and he loves them. Soft and comfortable. Highly recommended.

  21. C****s

    Business socks should come at least in 3 colors: black (check), navy blue and some between grey ad white. Personally, I do not wear any grey, thanks to your wide variety of colors to choose from I don’t have to stick with grey. I love my black, navy and white bamboo fiber socks.

  22. A*****n

    Converted my hubby to these, he thinks they are super comfortable and I really think they do resist odour. Great!

  23. S*m

    Best socks in the world. Even when u get your feet wet they seem to expel water. Throwing away all my explorers. Even better when you get them at a discounted price.

  24. D*****y

    My husband is on his feet all day, these are the only socks I buy for him now. They last, and are the most comfortable in his shoes.

  25. F*****a

    I just love the bamboo fiber socks I got from you. They work good for work outs or just lounging around.

  26. G***n

    I really like them and they feel really comfy. I personally recommend the black and navy colour it was so nice!

  27. H***y

    I am always looking for a sock that doesn’t cut of circulation in my feet, and these work well in that regard. They are very comfy too, and keep my feet nice and warm.

  28. J******n

    I loves this new bamboo fiber socks that I bought. No smell at all, super comfy and very durable. A breeze to wash and dry. Awesome product, I will definitely buy more when needed.

  29. K****n

    Very comfortable and durable. Always on the lookout to find socks for hot weather and these are pretty good.

  30. L****a

    I have tried a few different brands for my hubby and these are the clear winners. They stay soft after each wash, dry really quickly and for a lighter weight style they are warm and don’t get stinky. Big thumbs up and l will purchase more for my man.

  31. Y*****a

    These are fantastic socks. They take a little longer to dry than non bamboo socks but well worth this very small issue. I would recommend them to anyone looking for extreme comfort.

  32. T****s

    Wow! These just get better and better. So plush and soft, mold to my feet, feel like nothing when I’m in my boots all day but are still supportive and cozy. Some of the best socks I’ve ever owned!

  33. R**h

    These are great! I bought 5 pack black pairs for my husband who said “these are the best socks I’ve ever worn, the feel like I’m walking on clouds!”

  34. E****r

    My partner loved these. He said they are super-comfortable – and were also great in the hot weather we’ve been having. The bamboo fabric was so much better than the synthetic socks he’d been wearing. Will be ordering more of these!

  35. W*****m

    Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing lightweight slip ons or my Merrill hikers. My feet are basically dry at the end of a 14hr day. The moisture wicking works, they always fall right back into shape after washing and drying. I have been wearing 4 pairs over the course of 3 months and they have not shown any signs of wearing out.

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