Bamboo Bed Sheets Set

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Feel instantly relaxed in our 100% organic bamboo bed sheets for the best nights sleep you will ever experience! Fast 2-7 day shipping for FREE at no extra charge.

  • 1x fitted sheet
  • 1x flat sheet (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
  • 2x pillowcases (1x pillowcase for King Single/Single/Cot)

This item pairs well with our Bamboo Quilt Cover Set. Are you new to bamboo products? A good product to start with are our Bamboo Pillowcases – they’re a cheap entry-point into bamboo and you’ll be able to see the benefits for yourself without a large investment.

  • Charcoal
  • Silver Shimmer
  • White
  • Latte
  • Blush
  • Soft Sage
  • Aqua Splash
  • Ice Blue
  • King King
  • Queen Queen
  • Double Double
  • King Single King Single
  • Single Single
  • Cot Cot
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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


100% Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, the choice of material we put on our beds plays an important role in the health of our skin. Bamboo products offer natural anti-bacterial properties and are naturally hypoallergenic so they’re gentle on the skin. Our products are certified with the Oeko-Tex Certificate 100 – this means there are no harmful chemicals found in our products. Our products are 100% safe and free of harmful chemicals. Our bamboo sheets are ideal for most Australian climates with their thermal regulating properties.

Package Contents

  • 1x fitted sheet
  • 1x flat sheet (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
  • 2x pillowcases (1x pillowcase for King Single/Single/Cot)

The Benefits

Our range of bamboo sheet sets are designed to be luxuriously soft with generous sizing so that your bed sheets are not constantly stretched out. Each set is wrapped & packaged in the same 100% bamboo material as the bed sheets. Each set consists of one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases (for King, Queen and Double sizes) and one pillowcase (for King Single, Single and Cot sizes). Here’s a quick overview of some of the features and benefits of our 100% organic bamboo bed sheets.

  • 400 thread count in sateen (equivalent to 1,000 cotton thread count) provides a luxuriously smooth and soft feel and durability.
  • Thermal regulation keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties ensure you remain dry and comfortable.
  • Anti-bacterial so they will remain odour-free even after repeated use.
  • Hypo-allergenic and great for sensitive skin.
  • Generous sizing to accommodate beds of all sizes (even those with pillow-top mattress protectors). Allowance has been made during manufacturing for shrinkage.
  • Oeko-Tex Certificate 100 certified suppliers which means there are no harmful chemicals found in any of our products.

Bamboo Sheet Sizes

Our range of bed sheets are generously sized so they are sure to fit the size you choose. The sizing below includes sizes for each set which includes fitted & flat sheets and also two pillowcases in the King Size, Queen Size and Double Size sheet sets. All measurements are in centimeters.


Fitted sheet: 183cm x 203cm x 43cm
Flat sheet: 428cm x 270cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm


Fitted sheet: 152cm x 203cm x 43cm
Flat sheet: 255cm x 270cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm


Fitted sheet: 137cm x 193cm x 43cm
Flat sheet: 240cm x 260cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm

King Single

Fitted sheet: 107cm x 203cm x 43cm
Flat sheet: 210cm x 270cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm


Fitted sheet: 91cm x 193cm x 40cm
Flat sheet: 195cm x 260cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm


Fitted sheet: 135cm x 77cm x 20cm
Flat sheet: 140cm x 160cm (Don’t need the flat sheet? Click here for our basic set)
Pillowcase: 48cm x 73cm + 16cm

Care Instructions

This is the golden rule with all bamboo items as hot water can cause shrinkage and cold water is guaranteed not to do this. Do not fear about nasty bacteria growing in sheets and needing hot water to get rid of it. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so they will stay fresh even during a cold wash cycle.

Only Use Delicate Laundry Detergents & Recommended Cycle

We recommend you use gentle washing liquids or powders as they guarantee to be kind to your fabric. We recommend some of the natural ones found at your local supermarket such as the Earth Choice Wool & Delicates. You may choose to continue to use your regular detergent, just be mindful that some do contain brighteners and bleach which may have a staining effect on your sheets. Always use a gentle cycle and do not put in the same wash cycle as any abrasive fabrics. If you need to remove stains from your sheets, look for something natural from your supermarket. Again, Earth’s Choice has some excellent non-bleach or chlorine based products.

Rules For Drying & Making Your Sheets Crease Free

As with just about every fabric, the most risk free results come from line drying flat and out of direct sunlight, but we know this is not always possible. If you lead a busy life and rely on your tumble drier, the good news is that you can do so as long as you dry the sheets on a cool and delicate cycle. If you like to iron your sheets, iron on a cool setting and you will be fine. If you would like the natural way of getting your sheets crease free, spread them out flat, draped over your line and the weight of them will pull the creases out.

Occasionally with bamboo, you might see some pilling occur on the sheets and towels. As bamboo is a natural fibre, this pilling is normal, especially in response to friction and isn’t a fault or defect. The pilling will naturally shed and can be reduced or removed during the washing and drying process (as per the care instructions). The pilling is usually removed after 5 or 6 washes, or earlier. Pilling doesn’t always occur but it’s also not unusual in the initial use period – it depends on the amount of friction and body heat.

Additional information


Charcoal, Silver Shimmer, White, Latte, Blush, Soft Sage, Aqua Splash, Ice Blue

Bed Size

King, Queen, Double, King Single, Single, Cot

133 reviews for Bamboo Bed Sheets Set

  1. T****s

    The sheets are lovely & they feel like satin. 🙂

  2. A**e

    I love these sheets. They wash well and fantastic to sleep in.

  3. R***n

    The sheets are super soft and have a natural feeling.

  4. C***b

    The bed sheets feel as if they will be cool to sleep in on hot nights.

  5. T*****e

    Absolutely wonderful to sleep with! 😀

  6. A****w

    Super soft, silky sheets with generous size. 🙂

  7. C*******r

    They are comfortable and soft. As well as easy to wash and dry.

  8. J****a

    Unbelievably comfortable and cool! Great value for money.

  9. A**a

    Would have scored 10 but program wouldn’t let me lol! I love these bamboo bed sheets!

  10. C****a

    The sheets are good quality and fitted well. The colour was what I expected. Aqua splash is very pleasing to my eyes.

  11. S***a

    The item was exactly as described and of better quality than I had expected, I was pleasantly surprised.

  12. A***y

    Washed up well, beautiful to sleep on, my expectations were met.

  13. E**a

    Great quality sheets will be back for more. 😉

  14. M**a

    We like the feel of the sheets and they look great too.

  15. E******h

    Well-made and excellent fitting with lovely feel to sheets.

  16. E***y

    Tried bamboo for the first time and I am truly delighted! Will purchase other products!

  17. A****l

    Lovely soft bamboo sheets. Nice colours. I’ve chosen Ice Blue and it looks amazing in our bedroom.

  18. E****n

    Good quality. Generous fit on the mattress. 5/5!

  19. H****r

    Beautiful quality sheets. So soft and comfortable like they say.

  20. A****a

    They are so delightfully comfortable and cool in this awful heat

  21. M****a

    The sheets are fabulous and silky smooth. Far better than I even expected.

  22. C******e

    Exactly what I hoped for in colour and texture and quality. Great job!

  23. S****a

    Love the bamboo sheets. Just bought my 4th set today.

  24. I******a

    These sheets are like sleeping on silk sheets. I love bamboo sheets now.

  25. J***a

    Husband and I loved the texture and feel of the sheets. Slept well.

  26. O****a

    Soft, silky feel but don’t know why they are not cold when you jump into bed on a freezing night. Love the colour(blush)!

  27. E***a

    Colour is perfect (loving my soft sage) and sheets feel soft and luxurious.

  28. M***o

    Beautiful quality so luxurious my favourite sheet set by far and an awesome price I’m very happy. 😊

  29. J***n

    The sheets are soft and the colour is brilliant.

  30. G****l

    Very aware of the need to help save trees & purchasing a product from bamboo is always my aim. They are everything I hoped for and more.

  31. A*****n

    These are the silkiest sheets ever. So comfortable. I think I’m in love! <3

  32. L****n

    Look and feel of pure luxury. I’m hoping bamboo will be cool in summer in Australia.

  33. H****h

    Absolutely love the feel and comfort of the bamboo sheets. 😊

  34. E****r

    After using Bamboo bed sheets I would never use anything else!!!

  35. L**y

    They are soft. Beautiful shade of white. Very luxurious.

  36. N**a

    I love the feel of the sheets, I also like that’s it’s made from a natural renewable resource.

  37. R***y

    Silky smooth and warm in winter & cool in summer. Easily the best sheets I have ever slept on.

  38. L***a

    Where to start, well, the sheets are a decent size, some “Queen” sheets fall a bit short, not these ones and they feel wonderful, I just love bamboo sheets.

  39. P****e

    Sheets appear to be fabulous quality. They are cool to sleep on and feel luxurious!

  40. C***e

    These bamboo bed sheets feel amazing! Super soft and perfect in our warm climate.

  41. G***e

    Luxurious sheets and extremely comfortable at a great price. Thumbs up!

  42. L**a

    Sheets are soft and delightful to sleep in. Excellent for sensitive skin. 😀

  43. M*****n

    It is the first time I have used Bamboo sheets and they are luxurious, silky and gorgeous.

  44. V*****a

    This is the second set of these sheets I have bought. The first set were so comfortable I bought another for our holiday unit.

  45. S****t

    The product is beautiful. Best bed sheets I’ve ever owned.

  46. M****l

    This product is very light and soft, but still keeps you warm. Perfect for winter nights. 🙂

  47. J***b

    Sheets are awesome, lived up to the reviews and looking at purchasing more. Soft and luxurious.

  48. E***n

    Delighted. The sheets are softer and silkier than I expected.

  49. A**x

    Excellent product quality. Makes sleeping during the heat so much better as it cools you down.

  50. L***n

    Bamboo sheets are so much better than cotton sheets to use. Bamboo collection is the only place I know that sell such a good quality product at such a good price.

  51. M**y

    I bought these beautiful bamboo sheets as my sister was coming to stay and I wanted to buy something with a luxurious feel without the luxurious price – very happy indeed – the quality of these sheets is hotel quality.

  52. H***l

    Beautiful colour, feels very lux and the quality is good. Very happy and definitely recommend, shipping time was good as well.

  53. L**h

    These are the second set of bamboo sheets I have bought from you. They are soft and cool to sleep in. I have recommended you and the sheets to a friend, and also to members of my family.

  54. Z**y

    Bamboo sheets are beautifully silky & comfortable. Love them. Worth every bit what we paid for them. Got a good bargain.

  55. N*****e

    The sheets are silky and fit just right. Have ordered these before and had to order them again. 🙂

  56. S****a

    Wonderful soft bamboo bed sheets. Colour is true to image.

  57. E***e

    Sheets are very soft! Beneficial to a good night’s sleep!

  58. A****y

    The sheet set feels so soft and lovely and the size is appropriate. This is my first experience with anything that is made from bamboo and I am impressed.

  59. L***s

    I haven’t actually slept on them yet, but the material feels very nice, and I washed the sheets and they came out feeling amazing. They dry on the line very quickly, without too many wrinkles.

  60. E***h

    The bamboo bed sheets are fantastic they wash up beautifully just like the others say!

  61. S****r

    Bamboo sheets are luxurious to touch and are slightly weighted so you feel extra comfy.

  62. C****e

    Repeat order for birthday gift. Converting my friend to the many benefits of bamboo.

  63. B***a

    Extremely happy. Soft, cool and comfortable. Great delivery and service. 🙂

  64. B******n

    These are possibly the best bed sheets that I have ever purchased. I would recommend them to you 100%! 🙂

  65. A****y

    The softest sheets I have ever had! You literally slide on them. Excellent price, highly recommended!

  66. S*****h

    I like a luxury feel to my sheets and these meet the brief, they are also a brilliant white, which is the colour I love.

  67. A****a

    These sheets are so comfortable and great for use over summer. We have now purchased 4 sets for our home. Thanks bamboo collection! 🙂

  68. V****t

    I bought bamboo bed sheets, these are the best sheets I’ve ever slept on. I’ve paid $300 for sheets and they are nowhere near as good as these. Excellent value, Excellent quality. 🙂

  69. B*****n

    These sheets are well priced and quality. I’d recommend them to anyone. They are so good I ended up buying four sets. You won’t be disappointed.

  70. O****r

    WOW! I have heard so much about the comfort and quality of bamboo sheets over cotton… I tried it and I didn’t regret it! I’ll definitely be getting some more sets soon.

  71. J***s

    We have this product already in white and it is beautiful to sleep on! Silky, smooth and cool! Thumbs up!

  72. W****m

    These sheets feel silky soft without that horrible satin sheet feel. My husband is pretty hard to please with bed linen but loves these.

  73. N**h

    Beautifully soft sheets. It’s also great to see them in different colours and sizes to choose from.

  74. L**m

    Great value for money! I love the quality! 🙂

  75. L****e

    I am very delighted with my bamboo sheets they are very soft and cool. Loving the colours too.

  76. J****n

    Great bamboo sheet set, love it. Thanks! 😉

  77. M*****a

    I got the beautiful bamboo queen sheets set (ice blue) – very soft and has extra large sides for ‘tuck-in’ 😊

  78. C***y

    Unbelievable! These sheets are absolutely luxurious. I am about to order another set. We love it.

  79. P****e

    Bamboo sheets are the best sheets I have ever had. I am an interior decorator and have purchased them for people whom I work with.

  80. A****a

    I had purchased bamboo sheets elsewhere prior to finding this site and they were nice, but nothing compared to these sheets! These are gorgeous. I ordered them with aqua splash color; the colour is stunning and they beautiful to sleep on and very cool.

  81. B****a

    Second set of sheets I got since my cousin introduced me and I love them so much. First set I got was Ice Blue – which we have had for over two year and still super soft, now went for the Simply Taupe colour. They are so lovely to sleep in and never feel like getting out of bed. Worth spending my money with!

  82. B****e

    It is too soft next to your skin and for me with a very sensitive skin I can now sleep all night with these sheets with no restrictions. Thank you!

  83. A*****n

    Bamboo sheets from this site are just divine. Soft and light and cool. The quality is so much better than other bamboo sheets I have tried.

  84. L**n

    Amazing! This product looks even better in real than the picture and feels light and comfortable to lay on.

  85. C*****a

    I just started to use them and they feel great. The set on my grand daughter’s bed appear to be very sturdy and cope with two very active little boys jumping on the bed!

  86. S***y

    I guess these are the kind of sheeting we will use in heaven. The best feeling in the world. 🙂

  87. R******e

    They are beautifully soft and are of exceptional quality. Wish I’d bought two sets. Highly recommend!

  88. J******r

    We just received our gorgeous new bamboo bed sheet set. Soft and silky from opening the package. They are very generous in size for our king mattress. I will definitely buy another set in the future.

  89. T**y

    I have to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to sheets. I’ve tried an awful lot over the years, with different thread count and different materials.These sheets are amazing. They feel wonderful (the most important measure for me) and are fantastically cool.

  90. C*******e

    I was very happy with the feel and texture of the bamboo bed sheets – great value for money!

  91. C***y

    So comfortable. First time I’ve slept on bamboo sheets, and it won’t be the last . Rated 5/5 stars!

  92. M**y

    These sheets feel amazing to sleep with. I am a hot sleeper and these sheets help me so much in regards to keeping me cool.

  93. N****y

    I’m obsessed with my bamboo bed sheets. I love how amazingly comfortable they are to sleep on. Once you go bamboo, there is no going back.

  94. B****a

    I have only used and washed once so far, so unable to comment on longevity but from first use these are ridiculously amazing to sleep on.

  95. V****n

    I love crawling into bed after work. It’s so soft and comforting. It’s very light. I love the look, too. It’s the best. I’ve even converted my partner.

  96. C*****a

    The only problem with these sheets is that they make me late for work every day, because it’s so hard to leave them and face the harsh textures I experience for the rest of the day! These sheets are light, soft and cosy all at the same time and the colour is beautiful! 🙂

  97. Z**y

    Amazing value for the price and they do feel great.Very soft and cool on these hot summer nights.

  98. A***e

    Bamboo bed sheets are truly great for people with sensitive skin & cool in summer. I can definitely attest to that!

  99. S***n

    Bought these in charcoal. They arrived in good condition. The sheets are so soft and silky. The flat sheet is a little big, but this doesn’t bother me as in the past with tight fitting sheets, they tend to rip in the corners due to much stretching. They did pill in the first week, but after a second washing it was fixed. Will definitely purchase these again! 🙂

  100. D***a

    I’ve recently purchased my second set of sheets after 2 years of washing, drying and putting the original set back on the bed, it is still beautiful and have retained their softness shine and white color. I won’t sleep on anything else anymore!

  101. F****s

    The bamboo bed sheets we purchased suited our requirements and price range. Thank you bamboo collection!

  102. G****e

    These sheets are super soft, lovely and cool, light weight, we got 3 sets now, and would have nothing else winter or summer, now we intend to get more for our guest rooms.

  103. H*****r

    Sheets are good in quality and generous in size. Beautiful colors to choose from and soft to sleep on.

  104. J***y

    Bought the oatmeal coloured set. First night I put them on and read the reviews I thought people may have been over exaggerating saying they had such a good sleep wit them. I got in bed and I couldn’t stop rubbing my feet on them to feel how smooth they were. They were more soothing than snuggling up to a partner lol.

  105. K***e

    We absolutely love the look and feel of our new bamboo bed sheets. So comfortable and sophisticated.

  106. L****e

    These sheets feel like silk against the skin, only lighter. They’re buttery soft and breathe so well, which has been sleep saving for me while I’m heavily pregnant. My partner loves climbing into bed when these sheets are on and we both have a better nights rest.

  107. Q*****e

    They are perfect in every way. Wash beautifully and to sleep on they are so comfy.

  108. W****m

    I’m in love with my bed sheet set (mine was soft sage). It is so beautiful and feels so nice to sleep on.

  109. E****n

    Good feel to the sheets. Good sizing to fit a queen-size bed.

  110. R**e

    I’m loving my Ice Blue bamboo bed sheet set. Not only pleasing to my eyes but also provides 100% comfort during my sleep.

  111. T****y

    I expected them to be incredibly soft and wonderful for sensitive skin, however I wasn’t prepared for just how sublime they are to sleep in. They feel like they’re floating on your skin, so incredibly soft. Never too hot or cold.

  112. O***e

    As expected from bamboo collection. The bamboo bed sheets exceeded my expectations. All claims are true!

  113. P***a

    So soft, much cheaper than other sets of sheets we have purchased. We have used bamboo sheets for many years with our child who has skin issues. He finds them less irritating on his sensitive skin.

  114. P*****a

    Just received my sheets, they are so nice! Feels very high quality, can’t wait to try them tonight! 🙂

  115. S***a

    Amazing bed sheets!! Feels so good on your skin

  116. L**a

    Great quality product. These sheets wash up beautifully. Are soft and luxurious. Wonderful to sleep in. Great value for such a high quality product.

  117. J****e

    Fabulous! So soft. So silky. So smooth! Almost as good as a cuddle from Chris Hemsworth.

  118. C*******e

    This is the 2nd set that I have ordered for myself as I am very happy with the quality.

  119. K******a

    These sheets are great. Lovely colour. Bright and super soft. I only use either the 1000tc or bamboo sheets. My two daughters now only use the thousand thread count sheets too.

  120. K*****h

    This is probably the 5th time Ive bought bamboo bed sheets. It never fails to disappoint me. So soft and really great for summertime. Will be recommending it to friends and family.

  121. K***y

    Love these sheets. Generous sizing and easy to fit onto bed. The bamboo cotton feels lovely against skin and is a great insulator/cooler and doesn’t make your body overheat like high threadcount sheets. Wash well too. Great price for good quality.

  122. M***e

    A wonderful quality product at a great price. They wash up beautifully. Are soft and luxurious. Very comfortable to sleep in. I have now purchased several sets for myself in a variety of colours. As well as some for family members. Everyone loves them.

  123. J**e

    This is the 3rd set I’ve purchased of late! They wash up beautifully, feel wonderful, they just drape over your body! Your husbands will love them too ladies!

  124. M**y

    This was a repeat purchase for me as I had the same sheets in a different colour but managed to stain them. Nice & light, a little silky feeling as they are so soft. Deep too, so they dont crawl off the mattress. My partner is a hot sleeper and he says that these sheets help keep him cooler.

  125. H***i

    These sheets are brilliant. The elastic on the fitted sheet is sturdy and they fit my king sized bed perfectly. The sheets are very, very soft. I rate these higher than Sheridan which has gone down in quality in recent years.

  126. A****y

    This is my second set of these amazing Bamboo sheets. I won’t sleep on anything else but Bamboo now. Soft, sillky, luxurious, long-lasting. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. After hundreds of washes still in great condition.

  127. J*****e

    Your sheets are like being kissed by a Care Bear. Simply bliss! 😛

  128. S**e

    The best sheets I have ever owned. Better than 1500 tc Egyptian cotton

  129. S****h

    Absolutely love these sheets, they feel like silk on your skin. Perfect, thank you.

  130. H*****y

    These sheets make going to bed a pleasure…..warm in Winter but cool in Summer they are silky soft and comfortable. Only problem is that my kids now want them for their beds as well!

  131. D****l

    Bought the sheets months back and they are still as soft as the day I first slept in them. The sheets are very well sized and are great in both summer and winter.

  132. K****e

    I love these sheets! I have several sets of bamboo sheets & these are one of the best I have. They are a generous sizing, so if you have a mattress topper or underlay there is plenty of room. The pillow sizing is great & not tight on the pillows.

    The feel of the sheets are wonderful, not as soft as silk, but not far from it. They breathe & feel soft to touch. They arrived in a cardboard box, wrapped in a bamboo bag (great for storage) very environmentally friendly – no plastic!

    Sheets are easy to wash & the seams take a little longer to dry.

    Thanks so much for a great product.

  133. C****o

    Excellent quality sheets – they feel like a cross between cotton and silk – and even after 2 years of use still maintain their softness.

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