About Us

We’re passionate about bamboo products. They’re hypoallergenic, sustainable, environmentally friendly, temperature regulating, and moisture/odour free. In addition to this, bamboo offers superior comfort – you’ll notice the difference immediately when compared to other textiles.

Bamboo products don’t have to be expensive. We try to make our products as affordable as possible whilst still maintaining the level of quality you would expect. All of our products are checked for quality assurance purposes and we work hard to make sure that our product images and descriptions reflect the product accurately so that what you get is what we promised.

We’re an Australian-owned company and we ship our products from within Australia when we can (unless otherwise advised). You can expect great customer service coupled with efficient order processing. We know what it’s like to do your shopping online; you need peace of mind, confidence that what you’re buying is as described and will arrive on time, and reassurance that your personal and financial details will be in safe hands – we offer that to our customers as standard.

Experience the luxury of bamboo and give it a go today. We promise you won’t regret it.