Women’s Bamboo Leak-Proof/Menstrual Underwear

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Need extra piece of mind when it comes to leakage? Maybe you just want some really comfortable underwear for everyday use? Get the best of both worlds with our bamboo women’s underwear focused on preventing leakage whilst offering the comfort you expect from bamboo-made products.

The more you buy, the cheaper per piece!

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  • 2 Pack = $16.99/piece
  • 3 Pack = $15.99/piece
  • 5 Pack = $14.99/piece
  • 7 Pack = $13.99/piece
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Nude
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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


Protection and comfort when you need it most

Our Women’s Bamboo Leak-Proof/Menstrual Underwear has 3 layers of protection in the areas that you need it most.  Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that any leakage, whether menstrual or otherwise, will be quickly absorbed, leaving you comfortable and dry all day long.

  • Wide leak-proof area in the areas you need it most
  • Made from bamboo fiber for added health benefits
  • 3 layers of protection (bamboo/cotton fabric, moisture-proof/leak-proof layer, breathable and anti-bacterial layer)
  • Moisture absorbing and super breathable
  • Stretchy waistband for extra comfort
  • Can be worn with or without a menstrual pad

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Black, Blue, Nude

Leak-Proof Underwear Size

S (Waist 56-62cm), M (Waist 62-67cm), L (Waist 67-70cm), XL (Waist 71-76cm), XXL (Waist 74-80cm), XXXL (Waist 80-85cm), 4XL (Waist 86-90cm), 5XL (Waist 91-95cm), 6XL (Waist 96-100cm)


1 Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack, 5 Pack, 7 Pack

28 reviews for Women’s Bamboo Leak-Proof/Menstrual Underwear

  1. A**a

    I love these, I bought one set in Black. Then a few months later another in the multi color. They are amazing!

  2. L***a

    I’m in shock. I bought one pair just to try them out and I don’t even have words for how much I love these! I wore them for 17 hours on my first/heaviest (heavy side of moderate flow) day with no issues and no leaks.

  3. V***n

    Just opened these today and I absolutely love them! The material is soft and comfortable. They are much thinner than I had expected and there is no “noise” as with other other brands! I am excited to see how these work during my cycle but initially I love the fit, feel, and style!

  4. S***a

    I love these underwear! They are smooth, comfy and nobody would know that they were leakproof. I have periods that defy gravity and get heavy at a moment’s notice. So leaking was just assumed. No more!! I can get a good nights rest knowing that my period can do it’s worst.

  5. H****e

    These were a lifesaver! I stayed dry and odor free despite my body trying to fail me. I’ve already washed and reworn them, and they’re still good as new. I just ordered 6 more pair to round out my underwear wardrobe.

  6. B****a

    This is my first pair of period panties, and I can’t believe I waited so long to get some! I use a menstrual cup and having these as back incase I leak is a God sent.

  7. F***a

    I have never slept so comfortably on my period, in my life. It doesn’t get on my pjs, sheets, or all over my thighs. pads & tampons get so messy, not these!

  8. W***a

    I was very interested in period panties and have been looking for some for quite a while, as a pad user it simply gets too hot and humid down there during heavy flow days, and I always worry about leaking!

  9. L***a

    I am so happy I found these! These are sooooooo soft and comfortable! Almost makes my period enjoyable ?! Great for using as a backup for my menstrual cup, and also works great for my very light period days! So much cheaper than popular brands. This is my second order!

  10. N***a

    I was so sick of ruining my panties every month. With these I no longer do! They are the softest, most comfortable panties I own! The protection is unlike anything I have ever seen! I have never been this comfortable and confident during my period ever. 😃 Buying more!

  11. D***a

    They feel super soft, fit freaking great and look just like cute regular underwear should!!! There’s nothing bulky about them, and so far they’ve worked for what I’ve needed which is spotting.

  12. G**a

    They are a real comfort when travelling, especially if I have to sneeze or cough!
    Would recommend this product, wish I had found them years ago!

  13. N***a

    I now have two packs of these, they are really soft and comfortable to wear. They wash really well, no loss of glorious colours. I have a new found confidence as I have stress incontinence!

  14. T**a

    I suffer from heavy periods and decided to give it a go together with cloth pads (first time for both of them). I am positively surprised of how well they work! Even if when I leaked from pad, underwear saved my sheets and pants from leakage.

  15. B****a

    These have saved me. I have horrible heavy periods and frequently leak over my trousers or chairs. I wear these knickers with my normal protection and they have saved embarrassing leaks. Certainly make things more bearable.

  16. J***y

    The price point is excellent and these are great quality. Great material, great updated design, great construction with high quality, secure stitching. I will definitely be purchasing again!! Highly recommended!!!

  17. P***a

    These absolutely exceeded my expectation. Great coverage, no shrinkage with regular washing and drying. There was no “swishing sound” when wearing them. Great at preventing leaks

  18. C***a

    I am really happy I found these underwear! I have only warn them 1 day and 1 night and just ordered another set!

  19. N***a

    I can’t wait to get more! I’ve also read some of the reviews asking if they make noise while I walk. I’ve only worn them with jeans and I can’t hear a thing. I have completely forgotten that I’m even wearing underwear. Thank you!

  20. H***n

    I was very skeptical of these, but tried them out this week and they work GREAT. I feel so confident wearing them. No more pads or panty liners as backup ever again. I use the cup, so now I can be 100% paper product free with these. A really good investment if you’re trying to limit waste.

  21. I***a

    These are great for peace of mind. I recently got a Paraguard copper IUD which made my normal very light flow a very VERY heavy almost unmanageable flow.

  22. B****a

    After unexpectedly putting them to the test on day 1, I would give these undies ten stars if I could. I can’t even express right now how glad I am that I bought them.

  23. F***a

    I tried these this past cycle as a back up to my menstrual cup and I have no complaints. It held what was there fine with no leak through to my clothes. I’d certainly ONLY use them as a back up to other methods, I don’t think they would be absorbent enough to wear alone.

  24. E**a

    I received this product right on time (love that!), and I was very pleased to find that they are very high quality, super soft and fit exactly as expected. They won’t show under leggings! I’m shocked and happy to have a healthy, sustainable alternative to pads!

  25. S***a

    These are the first period panties I have bought and I love them!

  26. P*a

    These underwear make me feel so much more comfortable when I’m on my period. I have issues with leaking, especially at night and with these I never have to worry about bleeding all over my bed. They fit very well

  27. K***a

    Wow! What a great thing for women of all ages! The popular brands on social media can cost the same for one pair as these cost for a three pack. These are sleek, stretchy, silent and comfy.

  28. A**a

    I’m so glad I purchased these. They are so comfortable & breathable. The material doesn’t make you sweat. Nothing goes through even on your heaviest days. These undies comes to save your day no lie!

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