3 Pack – Bamboo Charcoal Health Socks for Lawn Bowls

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46% bamboo, 20% charcoal fibre, 428% Cotton, 6% Elastane


  • Men’s 4-6 / Women’s 6-8
  • Men’s 6-10 / Women’s 8-11
  • Men’s 10-14

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Product Details

  • You will receive 3 pairs
  • The perfect socks for playing lawn bowls
  • Bamboo, charcoal fibre and cotton blend
  • Reinforced wear points
  • Non tight cuff to promote healthy circulation
  • Bamboo properties are naturally anti-bacterial, thermo-regulating and breathable
  • Ideal for those with skin sensitivities
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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


If you suffer with health issues such as bad circulation or diabetes, socks can be difficult to buy due to their tightness, your delicate skin or problems with swollen ankles. Our Bamboo Charcoal Health Socks for Lawn Bowls are a revelation – they combine the extreme comfort of our regular bamboo socks with a cleverly designed, loose-fitting top which is non-restrictive to circulation, offering the very best in terms of being both comfortable and tailor-made to support your health.

Made with bamboo charcoal fibre, this incredibly helpful fibre absorbs toxins through the soles of your feet, in much the same way as charcoal can absorb toxins when administered as an oral poisoning antidote. Essentially, there is a built-in detoxification element woven into the fibre of these remarkable socks – clever, and so beneficial.

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Circulation Socks Size

Men's 4-6 / Women's 6-8, Men's 6-10 / Women's 8-11, Men's 10-14


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