5 Pack – Women’s Bamboo Socks

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Size (AU): Women 6 – 10

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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


Our bamboo socks are so soft and comfortable that you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t own a pair sooner! These socks are made from resilient bamboo fibers that are perfect for people with sensitive skin or for anyone who is looking for that extra bit of comfort. Bamboo socks also allow your feet to breathe, are moisture and odour resistant, and are made from sustainable materials that don’t have a negative impact on our environment.

Whether you need socks for work or play, these anti-bacterial bamboo socks will keep your feet luxurious and fresh all day long. They’re not too thin and they’re not too thick – just the perfect fit for all feet and for all seasons with their temperature-regulating benefits. Once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back. We guarantee it!

The Details

  • 80% bamboo fiber, 10% polyamide, and 10% spandex
  • Black, Grey, Brown, Khaki, Blue, Turmeric, Coral Red, Pink, Beige
  • Size (AU): Women 6 – 10

Care Instructions

  • Cold or warm machine wash
  • Line dry inside out
  • Warm tumble dry
  • Do not iron or bleach

Additional information


5x Black, 5x Grey, 5x Brown, 5x Khaki, 5x Blue, 5x Turmeric, 5x Coral Red, 5x Pink, 5x Beige

38 reviews for 5 Pack – Women’s Bamboo Socks

  1. D*****y

    These are the best socks ever. They let your feet breath and stay fresh. I Love,love,love them. 😀

  2. K***y

    Had some of these socks for a couple of months and found them very comfortable so took the opportunity to add some more to my wardrobe.

  3. J*****e

    I love my bamboo socks (bought beige in colour). No smell at all, super comfy and very durable. A breeze to wash and dry. Fantastic product, will definitely buy more when needed.

  4. E**a

    These socks are fantastic. They’re thick enough for people working in boots all day, but cool and breathable enough for summer.

  5. M***a

    I’ve been following bamboo collection for years. Love their products. These socks are my fave! Never an issue just wash them with care and try and hang them out of the shade as they last longer with proper laundry and drying care.

  6. I******a

    Very comfortable and durable. I am always on the lookout to find socks for hot weather and these are pretty good. 5/5!

  7. A****a

    These are fantastic socks. They take a little longer to dry than non bamboo socks but well worth this very small issue. I would recommend them to anyone looking for extreme comfort.

  8. O****a

    This is a great all-rounder. The colour is universal and it’s great to wear in dress shoes. I would keep it separate from other socks for casual wear.

  9. E***a

    Wow! These just get better and better. So plush and soft, mold to my feet, feel like nothing when I’m in my shoes all day but are still supportive and cozy.

  10. Z**y

    Very comfortable and feels really good on the skin. I also like the colours. 🙂

  11. N*****e

    Great socks! Exactly as advertised. I already bought another 5 pack!

  12. S****a

    Excellent bamboo socks, very comfortable and hard wearing. They also look beautiful!

  13. E***e

    These socks are so soft & comfortable. I now have 10 pairs! I’m so addicted with these bamboo socks.

  14. A****y

    I love bamboo socks for their comfortable feel about them. I would not buy any other socks including cotton. Bamboo is far superior. Yes, they may be more expensive than cotton but once you have worn them you do not want to take then off, ever!

  15. A*****n

    Awesome and comfy to wear. <3

  16. L*****n

    These socks are lovely and comfortable and great value as well! 😊

  17. H****h

    I bought 5-pack in Coral Red as a gift for my girlfriend. My girlfriend says that they are the best socks she has ever had.

  18. E*****r

    Very soft and like walking on feathers. Would also be a good bed sock for those with cold feet.

  19. L**y

    Great value, very comfortable and perfect for casual wear and sports….awesome!!

  20. N**a

    They are just sooo comfortable to wear! Best socks of any kind I have worn for years!

  21. Q*****e

    These socks are so comfortable, that it makes it hard to take them off. I am definitely looking forward to trying other items from this brand! This is my first purchase and definitely not my last.

  22. C*****a

    Very comfortable socks. Far better quality than store bought brands. Don’t go hard and yuck. Always soft!

  23. J**e

    These socks are just so nice – snugly and velvety, like a little hug for your feet.

  24. C*******e

    I’m in love with bamboo collection products! I bought this socks first and I’m hooked with the quality. I told my sis to check you all out. Love the sustainability and the fact the products are made from bamboo! Socks fit well and are very breathable. 🙂

  25. P****a

    I love these socks. They are super soft and comfy, ideal for wearing in gumboots, chelseas, hiking boots etc. No blisters. And they are very ethically made. I can highly recommend. Take longer for drying than cotton socks, but that´s the only minor disadvantage. Did I already mentioned that the colours are nice too?

  26. L****a

    Most comfy socks I’ve ever had. Works with my running shoes, work shoes, and my boots. I’m on my feet 10 hours plus and I’ve noticed a big difference in how my feet feel. So soft and breathable

  27. J***a

    I’m so delighted that I tried these socks! I almost immediately ordered more, and they’re my favorite socks ever!! They’re the softest and cushiest I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. They keep my feet warm, without overheating them.

  28. L**u

    I love the comfort level these socks provide during a gym session. They are also great for more low intensity activities such as yoga or pilates.

  29. A***e

    I love my new women’s bamboo socks. They’re soft and so very comfortable. I wear them mostly for work. I’m on my feet for 12+ hours at work (nurse life), and they keep my feet warm yet they stay cool. They don’t get sweaty. They stay put, they don’t ride down and there’s no seam so they don’t bother or irritate your feet. Love them and highly recommend!

  30. E****n

    Bamboo socks are so soft and comfortable, first I had some as a gift, but now I will buy it for myself. I’m so excited to get other colors. Once you go bamboo you can never go back! 🙂

  31. K***a

    These are lovely and comfortable and I love the colours to choose from. You can wear them when doing meditation, working out in gym or similar activities. I also like how breathable they are.

  32. A**y

    They are good quality as after wearing them all day my feet didn’t smell. I’m always happy to spend a bit more on quality material socks that allow your feet to breathe. So I’ll continue to buy bamboo collection socks along with some of their other items and have also recommended them to my girl friends.

  33. A*****a

    I bought these socks before by an accident. This time I bought them purposely :). They are awesome. After the whole day in enclosed shoe they do not stink. After a few washes still holds shape and they soft. Worth every dollar spent.

  34. R***n

    I have tried many bamboo socks before finding these ones. I can tell you they are the most comfortable yet and seem sturdier so more likely to last than previous ones. For this price they truly are bargain. So far I have bought two 5 packs and intend to buy more? Give them a try – for the price you can’t lose.

  35. E**a

    This is my second purchase of these socks. I don’t like wearing anything else. They are so comfortable! Warm in winter, cool in summer, and the “slippery” feel of these socks are perfect for jogging and walking as they prevent blisters. I love how it looks when you are wearing shoes! I took five pairs of these socks to India and people along the way we’re literally taking them from me as I was bragging about them so much.

  36. B***a

    I am a huge fan of these socks! I work in an office that is always freezing, so I generally wear pants and closed toe shoes (thus, socks as well). I’ve bought organic cotton socks/other sustainable materials from various other brands, but women’s bamboo socks by bamboo collection is absolutely the best. These socks are just the right thickness – not so thin that I think they’re going to rip instantly, but thin enough that they don’t add bulk to my shoes or force them to be uncomfortable. They truly do stay put (even when I’m running around the office and up and down stairs in my building all day!), are incredibly comfy, and seem like they are holding up well.

  37. N**a

    They’re THE BEST socks I’ve ever worn! The sizing is perfect. I suffer from cold feet in winter, even when it’s not what other’s would consider cold, and my feet stay warm in these socks. You know that awful damp feeling of your socks and feet when you take off boots etc? Well, that hasn’t happened once when I’ve worn these socks! My feet stay warm AND dry.

  38. M**y

    I wear them with every shoe, running, to the gym and they don’t budge because of the way they are made at the back. Also, my feet are way less sweaty because of the moisture wicking fabric and breathable bamboo material. Highly recommend. Super comfortable.

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