3 Pairs – Bamboo Toe Socks

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$34.99 inc. GST

  • One size fits all (unisex)
  • Package contains 3 pairs
  • 11 colours/designs to choose from
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  • Superior Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Moisture & Odour Free
  • Sustainable
  • Temperature Regulating


Our bamboo toe socks are so soft and comfortable that you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t own a pair sooner! These socks are made from resilient bamboo fibers that are perfect for people with sensitive skin or for anyone who is looking for that extra bit of comfort. Bamboo socks also allow your feet to breathe, are moisture and odour resistant, and are made from sustainable materials that don’t have a negative impact on our environment. The individual toe sleeves help to prevent blisters and other skin ailments caused by friction and moisture.

Whether you need socks for work or play, these anti-bacterial bamboo socks will keep your feet luxurious and fresh all day long. They’re not too thin and they’re not too thick – just the perfect fit for all feet and for all seasons with their temperature-regulating benefits. Once you go bamboo, you’ll never go back. We guarantee it!

The Details

  • 75% bamboo fiber, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex
  • White, Grey, Black, Dark Grey, White/Black, Grey/Black, Sports White, Sports Black, Sports Grey, Sports Blue, Sports Yellow
  • One size fits all

Care Instructions

  • Cold or warm machine wash
  • Line dry inside out
  • Warm tumble dry
  • Do not iron or bleach

Additional information


White, Grey, Black, Dark Grey, White/Black, Grey/Black, Sports White, Sports Black, Sports Grey, Sports Blue, Sports Yellow

31 reviews for 3 Pairs – Bamboo Toe Socks

  1. M*****d

    This is a fantastic lightweight toe sock that protects you from blisters!

  2. H****r

    I use these socks with minimal shoes to avoid blisters on my feet and wear inside the shoe. Very comfy, once I put them on they stay and also keep my feet warm on colder days.

  3. L***y

    Bamboo toe socks are awesome. The fitted toes are really nice. The material is super high quality and provides minor compression as well. I am sold on these socks.

  4. S****a

    I totally love these bamboo toe socks. These are perfect if you want to slip on some flip flops prior to wearing your shoes. I love the fact that toes can be wiggled. Definitely won’t be going back to “regular” socks.

  5. B*****n

    The toe socks are comfortable like described. The quality is good, I love the simple colors and design. I wear them to the gym as well as sneakers. Great athletes collection.

  6. C****s

    I highly recommend this product for anyone needing to keep their toes separated while walking or running. I have arthritis in my toes and without this product I get severe blisters on my toes that has nearly required amputation of them. My case might be extreme but it only shows what a great product this is.

  7. K**e

    I don’t run. I bought these to use as liners for hiking/backpacking. When I first put them on I was a bit uncomfortable with having stuff between my toes. These being the first toe socks I have ever bought, I decided to give them a shot and man I’m glad I did!

  8. L***a

    My physical therapist suggested I purchase toe socks to help keep my toes in proper alignment. I love bamboo collection products so I bought these toe socks and they did their job too well. The fit and fabric quality is excellent!

  9. D****r

    I am using these to fight corns that I get between my toes. This separates them and makes running/walking comfortable.

  10. B****a

    This was a great tow sock, it helped prevent my blisters while I exercise. Additionally, bamboo fibers really do their charm – comfortable to wear, no itchy feet and no bad odour.

  11. F***x

    Discovered the socks to be extremely comfortable, not to thick and keeps my toes from rubbing and being squashed. They totally work for me and the quality is good.

  12. J*****r

    I bought these as a trial for my “high-maintenance” feet, and they’re a hit! I wear them to work, on walks, took them on a 2-day snowshoeing trip, and not a single blister or hot spot. I love the fact that they don’t squash and compress my toes, rather they allow them to flex and spread as toes are designed to do. Definitely a win! I will probably add more to my collection in the near future.

  13. A**e

    I always thought toe socks were weird and trendy, but I’m a new fan! I was wrapping my little toes with mole skin for long runs and still getting blisters, callouses and sore toes. These were the cure! I also have a pair of smart wool toe socks which I also like, but bamboo toe socks fit better! Bamboo toe socks are the best!

  14. V***y

    I love these toe socks. They’re of great quality and are very soft & comfortable. They’re great for preventing toe issues as you get older or if you have overlapping toes already. Like anything different, they may take some getting use to but I’ve reached the point where I prefer these over standard socks.

  15. C*****a

    I love how these fit. I have neuropathy and they are so comfortable on my feet /toes! Grab yours now if you also suffer from neuropathy.

  16. H***y

    I purchased bamboo toe socks for my wife who has a blister, these really helped her out on her walks for fitness training! We’re both happy with the quality.

  17. Y***y

    Great socks for walking the course and keeping feet dry in wet conditions!

  18. R***o

    Having only worn these twice so far I’m unsure about the longevity but having just done a 50 mile ultra I can say they are very comfortable and zero blisters which is one reason I got them for. The height of the socks is spot on with trail shoes with no rubbing.

  19. E*****g

    I’ve never bought toe socks, because I never liked the feel of them, but these bamboo toe socks are surprisingly comfortable.
    I have used them with sandals that have a strap that wraps around the big toe, so I can have a bit of extra warmth when I need it.I also find them comfortable in closed shoes, but I haven’t used them much that way.

  20. E*****g

    I’ve never bought toe socks, because I never liked the feel of them, but these bamboo tioe socks are surprisingly comfortable.
    I have used them with sandals that have a strap that wraps around the big toe, so I can have a bit of extra warmth when I need it.I also find them comfortable in closed shoes, but I haven’t used them much that way.

  21. S****a

    Once you start wearing bamboo toe socks, you will not want to go back. They give you a more natural feel and you have better traction of your shoe and the earth. My feet are now spoiled. I love bamboo toe socks!

  22. M**i

    These socks work wonderfully for me; my toes sweat easily so these socks prevent them from getting sweaty and slimy feeling. Plus, I have found that the fabric between the toes reduces the likelihood of blisters.

  23. K**y

    I never had purchased toe socks before, so I was a bit worried – but when I tried wearing bamboo toe socks – I started to love these socks and so do my feet/toes. They are well made and very comfortable. I wanted to buy more in the nearest future.

  24. S****e

    I’m lucky that a friend of mine introduced me to bamboo toe socks. My feet have always been a problem. Several years ago my toes started to turn and move becoming more crooked day by day. Toe socks help to keep my toes straight. My pain is greatly reduced and I can walk comfortably.

  25. D****d

    This was my first go at toe socks. I never thought they would be so good. These socks are comfortable, a little strange putting them on and wearing them for the first time but after my first run, I am sold.

  26. B***t

    I use these since I get gnarly blisters when I do my long distance runs. They don’t work as well as expected but it definitely helps reduce the friction. They’re lightweight as well and quick dry. I recommend these . I’ve bought a few more pairs just to have for other runs as well.

  27. D****s

    These socks are amazing! I bought them after hearing that they could be a good option to help reduce blisters from running. My biggest issue when running is getting blisters between my toes. Taping them worked most of the time but was annoying. I just wore these for a half marathon and finished the race without a single blister! They’re comfortable and they fit my toes perfectly. These are life changing for me.

  28. R***e

    At first I thought socks with ‘bits’ for your toes were for sandal wearing hipsters or pre-teen girls. but, I was wrong these things are excellent. No more hot spots or rubbing/chaffing. No more worn out material at contact points, no more over stretched and busted elastic, they fit perfectly all the time and every time.

  29. T***a

    I bought 3 pairs of bamboo toe socks for my teenage daughter who was complaining of discomfort in her toes, especially after being in school all day. Instantly solved an ongoing problem. She no longer gets blisters and irritations between her toes, all day comfort. Needless to say we purchased several more pairs of this brand sock in other colors. I highly recommend these especially if you’re athletic or spend a lot of time on your feet. Simple idea that works great. Also very durable and well made, great value for the price.

  30. S***y

    I’ m in love with these socks. Every so often I will try another brand of running sock, but I always come back to these bamboo toe socks. They prevent blisters on my longest runs (over 12 miles), and they last a long time.

  31. J****y

    I love these toe socks. It provides natural toe splay and keeps feet from stinking and sweating. Most natural way to correct our squished toes. Toe spreaders would help even more.

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